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Media: Here, Let Me Define For You a Genuine “Game Changer”

Regarding Donald Trump honoring our U.S. Veterans instead of playing tonight’s much ballyhooed media debate game: of course Trump owns the issue. And he’ll own tonight. Any “journalist” or media outlet perched upon a pedestal all spun up for ratings’ sake, pretending to be King Maker in a Presidential election, obviously can’t understand how passé […]

Look Where Russia is Building a Huge Military Base

“Sarah Palin was right: Look where Russia is building a HUGE military base.” – Col. Allen West Commonsense Conservatives roll our eyes at so many “I told you so’s” lately. Here’s a huge one though, and it deserves ACTION beyond the President merely swatting away warnings offered up. America, the White House doesn’t seem to […]

“Armor of Light” – One Sided Propaganda about Misguided Preacher by Pro-Abortion Producer

Preacher calling me out with his holier-than-thou condemnation for being both pro-Second Amendment and pro-life? I couldn’t be prouder. And typically twisting context to fit his bizarre rant… er, “sermon?” Bring it on. Good job, shepherd. Don’t think too many Americans will be led astray by you standing at the pulpit on this one. Read […]